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Friday, October 8, 2021


I enjoyed the hell out of this movie!!

Cirio Santiago directed this great film which stars the gorgeous Deborah Tranelli as an actress named Carla Harris. Her loving husband is killed one night after he tries to stop a man from raping a woman in an alley.

Carla is badly broken by the event and travels to a small California town to stay with her parents. Upon her arrival, things start to go wrong. Every man in town wants in her pants and some just will not leave her alone.

A twisted man named Fletch (Kaz Garas) harasses Carla to the breaking point and everything culminates inher being gang raped and her parents are killed by the rapists.

Carla ends up in a mental hospital and refuses to talk with anyone. After a short time she escapes to wreck vengeance on her attackers. She kills her victims in various ways including castration, electricution and gun.

The sheriff, John Cates (Bill McLaughlin) is always one step behind her. He is determined to stop Carla, but in the end he lets he go as she is seeking revenge for her horrible attack.

The ending is a real kicker and was well done. The story comes full circle. This might remind you of another film called "I Spit On Your Grave" but I consider this one to be much better and quicker paced.

This was a lot of fun and it had me rooting for Carla no matter what she did. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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