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Sunday, September 18, 2022


Another interesting find on Tubi.

This horror film was directed by Corbin Bernsen and it's not too shabby.

Bill Moseley stars as Logan, a radio talk show host who has an ego as big as the entire universe. One night during his show a group of terrorists release a strange gas at sporting events all across the country.

The gas has an effect on people that changes them into vicious monsters that tear their victims to shreds, and they even eat some of the people they kill. The people they kill get up and kill, and even a scratch from them can make you change.

Logan finds himself and his broadcast partners trapped in the building while the city is over run with zombie-like killers. This plays much like a zombie film, but the difference is that these monsters will die seven hours after they are contaminated.

There are some great set pieces here as we hear the USA falling apart from the point of view of Logan and the radio station. This reminded me a lot of "28 Days Later", but for some reason I liked this far more.

The ending is a little open ended as if there might be a sequel, but that never happened. The film works on many levels and if you haven't seen this, you should indeed give it a look.

The rest of the cast includes beautiful Patricia Tallman, David Moscow, Dan Lauria and Corbin Bernsen. A Recommended film.

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