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Saturday, September 24, 2022


Season 3 strated out very different and the show went an entire new direction.

This season opened with the death of two members of the Mutant X team.

INTO THE MOONLESS NIGHT 9/29/2003... This episode is the conclusion to the season final from year 2. Adam and Emma are killed and the Mutant X team deals with the loss as well as the arrival of sexy newcomer Lexe Pierce (Karen Cliche). Her arrival makes the rest of the team question their fundamental function in life. This is an excellent way to start thje third and final season.

WAGES OF SIN 10/6/2003...The Mutant X team is sent in to stop the auction of a highly lethal substance that terrorists are trying to acquire.

THE BREED 10/13/2003...The Mutant X team is called to a military base that has been infected by a deadly virus. This episode is one of the best as it reminds me of Dawn Of The Dead from 1979 and 2004.

WHERE EVIL DWELLS 10/20/2003...The team is assigned to stop a serial killer who leaves puzzels with his victims in order to play games with the police.

THE TAKING OF CROWS 10/27/2003...One of the most famous episodes ever!! Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) infiltrates a women's prison along with Lexi to stop a dangerous drug dealer. Reminds me of a WIP film, and too shabby either.

SHADOW OF DARKNESS 11/3/2003... The team investigates a haunted hospital. A very well made episode and one of the best of the entire three year run.

HAND OF GOD 11/10/2003...A powerful super mutant with God-like powers endangers the life of every Mutant X member, and the team sets out to stop him.

WASTELAND 11/17/2003...Jesse (Forbes March) is forced to get back together with his ex-fiance when it's discovered that she is involved with a company that is trying to change the genetics of crops.

NO EXIT 1/12/2004...Excellent episode about a paralyzed mutant that has the mental ability to enter into any computer. He traps both Jesse and Brennen (Victor Webster) while Lexa (Karen Cliche) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) try to rescue them.

BROTHER'S KEEPER 1/19/2004...Mutant X learns of Lexa's twin brother after he becomes involved with a corporation which is harvesting organs of mutants.

POSSIBILITIES 1/26/2004...Another top notch episode has the Mutant X team helping a time traveling mutant trying to defuse a very destructive bomb.

CONSPIRACY THEORY 2/2/2004...Brennen and Shalimar investigate a plane crash that causes Lexa to rethink her association with Mutant X.

ART OF ATTRACTION 2/9/2004...The Mutant X team fight to retrieve a formula hidden inside of a painting.

NORMAL LIFE 2/16/2004...While Mutant X helps track down a rogue scientist, Shalimar helps Adam (john Shea) find the real bad guy.

DIVIDED LOYALTIES 2/23/2004...Brennen is forced to return to his former life of crime when he discovers that his old partner is stealing secrets from the Dominion.

AGE OF INNOCENCE 3/16/2004...An old experiment is uncovered by Mutant X that involves age reversing, and it has dire consequences.

SHE'S COME UNDONE 4/12/2004...Mutant X discover that Lexa is a subject for covert experiments on mutants.

IN BETWEEN 4/19/2004...Brenne must enter Jesse's mind when he is near death. A very strange episode, but very well done.

DREAM LOVER 4/26/2004...Mutant X must stop a man from cloning women to use as his slaves. One of the best episodes of the series.

THE PROPHECY 5/3/2004...Brennen must battle the Guardian Of The Prophecy in order to stop the late Ashlocke's plan for world domination.

CIRQUE DE MERVEILLES 5/10/2004...Lexa suspects that a circus is actually a death camp for mutants world wide.

THE ASSAULT 5/17/2004...The final episode reveals many of the secrets of the Mutant X team as they are captured by the Dominion, forcing Adam to try and rescue them.

That wraps up a great 3 year run for this unique show. The final episode left the door open for another season, but, alas that was not to happen. If you get a chance you really should check out all three years of this show. I like it a lot.

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