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Saturday, September 3, 2022


A good little Hoppy film that has some interesting trivia attached to it.

Hoppy (William Boyd) and California (Andy Clyde) are on vacation along with Lucky Jenkins (Rand Brooks) but soon run into bank robbers who are using cars. This was something new in the wild west and it does look kind of odd in this film, but that is what makes it unique.

California's suitcase gets mixed up with the robbers and he finds himself being hunted by criminals for the money. This film is a fast paced and very entertaining way to spend an hour.

It may not offer too much in the way of new, but it does offer fun, and that's the key.

Yes, this is a very short review, but the plot is very simple. If you're a Hoppy fan you'll love this film. I know I did.

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