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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Another look at this monster movie classic.

Lewis Teague directed this wonderful John Sayles script about an alligator flushed down a toilet and growing giant sized thanks to a drug company pouring chemicals down the sewers.

Robert Forster is a police detective who is on the case and nobody believes he saw an alligator as big as a car. Soon it breaks free and enters the streets of Chicago. The shots of the Alligator are very well done and the acting by a stellar cast is top notch. There are some funny moments in this film and the mix of horror and comedy are perfect.

Besides Forster you have gorgeous Robin Riker as a scientist who helps on the case, Dean Jagger as the head of the drug company, Jack carter is the Mayor, Sydney Lassick is the pet store owner who supplies the company with animals to experiment on, Henry Silva is a big game hunter who thinks he can catch the large gator and Angel Tompkins and Sue lyon are two beautiful news reporters. The scene where Tompkins interviews Silva is a classic and very typical of how news reports are done today, 33 years later.

This is highly recommended fun that shouldn't be missed.

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  1. My local Alamo Drafthouse recently held an Alligator screening, and had reps come in from a gator farm with reptiles in tow. They showed off both crocs and gators, to highlight the differences.

    I love, Love, LOVE this flick. Ever since I saw its first broadcast on the Sunday Night ABC Movie, decades ago.