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Thursday, October 17, 2013


The third greatest Tv show ever conceived.

The first season of this landmark show had 32 episodes and most of them are simply unforgettable. 50 years ago this past September on the 16th the first episode aired and it quickly became the most talked about show on TV. It featured big name stars, well written scripts and some of the most memorable monsters ever.

The Galaxy Being 9/16/63....Cliff Robertson stars as a radio operator who accidently brings in a being from another dimension.

Hundred Days Of The Dragon 9/23/63....The President of the United States is replaced by an agent from a sinister country. This is accomplished by using a drug that allows the face to be molded like clay.

Architects of Fear 9/30/63....Probably the most remembered episode and the most remembered monster. Robert Culp makes his first of three appearances as a man who is changed into an alien being in hopes of bringing world peace.

Man With The Power 10/7/63....Donaldd Pleasence is a man who has the power to kill people with his mind.

The Sixth Finger 10/14/63...David McCallum is a man who is the subject of an evolutionary enhancement experiment that goes wrong.

The Man Who Was Never Born 10/28/63...A horribly mutated man travels to earth's past to try and avert the catastrophe. Martin Landau stars.

O.B.I.T. 11/4/63...A murder sparks an investigation which uncover an insidious monitoring device.

The Human Factor 11/11/63...An experiment changes the minds of a psychiatrist and a madman.

Corpus Earthling 11/18/63....Robert Culp and Salome Jens star in this frightening tale about a scientist who can hear two aliens rocks having a conversation about taking over the world. Great music score and well one living dead makeup.

Nightmare 12/2/63....A ban of earth soldiers are captured and ruthlessly tortured by their captors.

It Crawled Out Of The Woodwork 12/9/63......A being made of pure energy imperils the staff of a research lab. A favorite of my mother, and the first episode I ever saw.

The Borderland 12/16/63......A gateway to the fourth dimension is opened by a man who wants to talk to his dead son.

Tourist Attraction 12/23/63...Ralph Meeker stars in this episode about a monster that is caught in a small country. Everything is fine until others of it's kind come looking for it.

The Zanti Misfits 12/30/63...Actually this could be the most remembered show ever. Bruce Dern stars in this tale of weird alien creatures who cannot execute their own kind, so they send them to Earth because we are practiced executioners. One of the best climaxes ever to a TV show.

The Mice 1/6/64....Henry Silva is a convicted felon who agrees to an exchange program with another planet.

Controlled Experiment 1/13/64.....Two martians conduct and investigation of murder in this light comedy episode.

Don't Open Till Doomsday 1/20/64....John Hoyt stars in this episode about a young couple's honeymoon being cut short because of the contents of a mysterious box.

ZZZZZZ 1/27/64....A queen bee transforms herself into an incredibly sexy young woman who works with a scientist and hopes to mate with mankind.

The Invisibles 2/3/64.....A government agent infiltrates an organization that uses repulsive alien parasites to controll it's members. Don Gordon stars.

The Bellero Shield 2/10/64....martin Landau and Sally Kellerman star in this episode about an alien inadvertently brought to earth by a new scientific creation.

Children Of Spider County 2/17/64....A powerful alien returns to Earth to claim his son after he has been accused of murder.

Specimen Unknown 2/24/64....The crew of a space station uncovers a deadly new life form. This is one of my favorite episodes and it stars Gail Kobe.

Second Chance 3/2/64....People on a carnival space ride find out it is for real. Simon Oakland and Don Gordon star.

Moonstone 3/9/64....Lunar colonists try and save fugitive members of an alien race.

The Mutant 3/16/64....Warren Oates stars as a man turned into a mutant after being caught in a radioactive rain on a distant planet.

The Guests 3/23/64.....Young lovers find eternal life has a huge cost in a house run by a mysterious alien. Gloria Graham stars.

Fun And Games 3/30/64...Two earthlings find themselves on another planet and forced to participate in a life or death game with two members of an alien race.

The Special One 4/6/64...A man is worried about his young son spending so much time with a mysterious man called Mr. Zeno.

A Feasibility Study 4/13/64...Six city block of Earth are taken to another planet in order to find out if those people can survive on an alien world.

Production And Decay Of Strange Particles 4/20/64...A nuclear accident rips a hole in the time/space continuum allowing monsters to enter the earth.

The Chameleon 4/27/64...A government agent infiltrates a band of stranded aliens on Earth. Robert Duvall stars.

The Forms of Things Unknown 5/4/64....Very Miles and Barbara Rush star as two women who kill an abusive man and suddenly find themselves in a house where the dead are brought back to life with a time tilting machine.

All in all a great program to watch during the Halloween season or any time really. Recommended!!

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