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Thursday, October 24, 2013


One of the most unusual films I have ever seen.

Sammy Snyders steals the show as a very disturbed little boy named Jamie. He is obsessed with naked women and especially wants to see his school librarian naked, which he eventually gets his chance when he blackmails her over the phone in a scene that has to BE seen to be believed. He has a teddy bear that put more evil ideas into his head and he knows of a pit deep in the woods where a bunch of fanged, flesh eating monsters live.

His parents go away on a trip to Seattle and Jamie stays at home with a very attractive young woman with whom he becomes obsessed. He sneaks food to the monsters which he calls "tralalogs" but eventually starts feeding them his enemies. His babysitter accidentally falls into the pit so Jamie decides to let the monsters out.

This is one bizarre film that has several different plot elements all working towards the very twisted and surprising ending. The cast does very well and Jeannie Elias as Sandy, the babysitter is a standout.

If you get a chance, see this film. It was shot in Wisconsin and is one of a kind. Highly Recommended!!

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