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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The uncut version.

This past summer I reviewed this based on what I had seen in the theater, now this is a look at the blu-ray disc which has come out a few weeks ago. This version is seven minutes longer and uncut which simply means it has some gore and bloody scenes not included in theatrical showings as well as some different scenes.

Does this make the movie any better? No, not really. I enjoyed this movie a lot anyway but it was nice to see Brad Pitts character stomping in a few zombie faces.

The movie, as you probably already know, centers around a world wide zombie epidemic and the determination of one man to find out how it started and possibly stop it. The zombies are fast moving and totally insane as they will DO ANYTHING to bite you and that includes ceawling over each other, much like ants, to go over a very high wall.

There are tons of unforgettable images in this film and I found it very interesting that when Pitt is speaking to a man in Israel about the zombie infestation he mentions an old legend from India called a Raksasha. I first became familiar with that name back in 1975 and haven't heard it used again until this film. Very good script writing in my opinion. This is an excellent film that really shouldn't be missed and I recommend the blu ray combo set.

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