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Saturday, October 5, 2013


Obscure but very well made 50's sci-fi.

Richard Egan is a security agent who investigates murder and sabotage at a secret underground plant. The machinery, such as freezing rooms and other equipment seem to tale on a life of their own at certain times.

A pair of robots named Gog and Magog kill several people until they are finally stopped. These two robots are pretty cool looking and when I first saw this as a child I was mesmerized. The investigator finds that a plane is circling the area every time these events happen.

Gog is an interesting film that proves you don't need endless chases to make a film interesting. There is plenty of character development and nifty scientific gadgets. Herbert Strock directs this very well and the colors are rich and deep, much better than I have seen in other prints. If you like own to earth sci-fi at a mild pace you'll enjoy this.

The rest of the cast includes Constance Dowling, Herbert Marshall, William Schallert, John Wengraf, Michael Fox and Valeri Vernon.

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