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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Neat little shocker.

After months of waiting Severin finally releases this uncut version of this film also known as Trauma.

Udo Kier is a writer who moves to a cottage at Straw Hill to work on his latest novel. He himself is very disturbed, if you know what I mean, and he arrives at the home with his lovely girlfriend played by UK softcore goddess Fiona Richmond.

Fiona looks so damn good and Kier and her have sex a lot but he finds he cannot write well with her around. he decides to get himself a secretary. When she arrives we are treated to the incredibly sexy Linda Hayden and her arrival triggers a series of twisted nightmares and deviant desires that lead to brutal murders.

This is indeed a sick and twisted film with only a little nudity, mostly from Richmond, and a demented story line that takes the viewer on one hell of a ride. It is totally uncut and the print has some damage, but I hope that won't stop you from watching this bizarre and totally entertaining film.

In an interview included on the disc, Hayden says she really dislikes this film and says it was a career mistake, but damn, she looks so hot and does such a good job in her role that I am very glad she made the film.

This comes very highly recommended for the Halloween season.

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