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Sunday, October 20, 2013


Not too bad of a war film.

The plot is very simple in this AIP potboiler...a small tank crew gets stuck behind enemy lines during the Korean War and they must send someone out to seek help.

I've read a lot of negative reviews (of course), but ignore them. There isn't a ton of action but the cast is good enough to hold any movie fans attention. Don Kelly, Frank Gorshin, Edward G. Robinson, Jr., and Robert Paget are the four men of the Tank Battalion.

To me the real stars of the film are the female leads and they include Leslie Parrish, Regina Gleason and the gorgeous Barbara Luna. These women are very sexy and easy on the eyes. Again, a good time waster with no real message, just 80 minutes of light fluff which is fun. This is included in the set entitled Movies 4 You: Timeless Military Film which also includes "Hell Raiders", "Go For Broke" and "Lost Battalion".

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