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Monday, October 28, 2013


14 shows comprise this interesting season.

This is another bizarre season of the hit show and all of these episodes are the usual twisted tales I remember from the comics. Here is the list....

None But The Lonely Heart 6/27/92...A young man kills the wealthy women he marries..but some vows must be kept. Treat Williams stars.

This'll Kill Ya 6/27/92.....Coworkers at a drug company give the boss a dose of his own medicine. Sonia Braga stars with Dylan McDermott and Cleavon Little.

On A Dead Man's Chest 6/27/92....A man gets a tattoo that has a life of it's own. Tia Carrere stars with Gregg Allman.

Seance 7/4/92....Two people attempt to swindle millions from a widow with a seance. John Vernon stars.

Beauty Rest 7/11/92....A young actress kills for a new role but it isn't what she thought. The ending to this is a shocker. Mimi Rogers, Jennifer Rubin and Kathy Ireland star.

What's Cookin' 7/22/92....Christopher Reeves, Beth Armstrong and Judd nelson star in this tale about a losing restaurant that changes it's menu and the profits soar. But where does the food come from?

The New Arrival 7/25/92....A talk show shrink visits the home of a woman and her unusual child. David Warner, Twiggy, Zelda Rubenstein and Joan Severence star.

Showdown 8/1/92....A gunslinger arrives at a dusty town populated by his victims. David Morse stars.

King Of The Road 8/8/92....Brad Pitt stars as a man who goads a cop into a drag race by kidnapping his daughter.

Maniac At Large 8/19/92......Blythe Danner, Clarence Williams III, Adam Ant and Salome Jens stars in this slick tale about a mysterious killer that stalks a small town.

Split Personality 8/26/92....Joe Pesci stars as a man who marries beautiful identical twins by pretending to be twins himself. A great ending!!

Strung Along 9/2/92....An aging puppeteer suspects that his much younger wife has a secret lover. Donald O' Conner and the sexy as hell Patricia Charbonneau star.

Werewolf Concerto 9/9/92....A werewolf stalks the ground of a resort hotel, but he isn't the only creature there. Easily my favorite episode of the fourth season. Timothy Dalton and Beverly D'Angelo star.

Curiosity Killed 9/16/92....Kevin McCarthy and Margot Kidder stars in this tale about a youth potion.

If you're a fan of the show I couldn't recommend this more.

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