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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


A sadly underrated John Carpenter horror film.

The death of a priest brings about the discovery of a mysterious green substance that turns out to be the essence of Satan himself which has survived almost 7 million years.

Donald Pleasence is a priest who summons a college professor and some of his best students to investigate and find out what the substance is. Once it is loose some of the students meet grisly deaths and some come back as zombies. Lisa Blount and Jameson Parker are two students who get more than they bargained for during this experiment and investigation.

Alica Cooper has a non speaking role as the leader of a group of street people who gather around the church where the green substance is kept. He and the others murder anyone who attempts to leave.

This is Carpenter's most over looked film. Sadly it took me 26 years to finally see this one and it is a gem. There are scenes in here that are really nightmare stuff, especially the beetle scene. If you want some good scares this Halloween check out the Blu-Ray release of this one.

The movie looks fantastic on Blu-ray and it does deliver the scares. Recommened!!

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