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Sunday, October 27, 2013


H.P. Lovecraft horror.

What a ride this movie is! Stuart Gordon directed this horror classic about a machine called a Resonator that can control the sixth sense and also allows you to see monsters that live in another dimension.

It's creator, Dr. Edward Pretorius willingly goes into that other dimension while his assistant, Crawford Tillinghast is put in a psycho ward for the alleged murder of the good doctor. Sound confusing? it isn't really. A young and very sexy Dr. Katherine McMichaels takes Tinninghast and a detective named Bubba Brownlee back to the house where Pretorius was "killed" and try to solve the mystery of the Resonator.

This movie has it all....extreme gore (one scene with a human brain almost always makes me cringe and gag, believe it or not, great dialogue, bondage, weird monsters and very garish lighting and sets. Ted Sorel is Pretorius who loves what he is becoming in the new dimension, Jeffrey Combs as Tillinghast, Ken Foree as Bubba and the incredibly sexy Barbara Crampton as McMichaels and does she look hot as hell in her bondage gear....yummy.

Gordon puts all the elements together well and comes up with another classic that took it's sweet time gathering a cult following. The Blu-Ray is the best I have ever seen this movie look and the interview with Barbara Crampton is well worth the price of the disc alone.

Highly recommended for horror fans. You can't miss with this movie. Did I mention Barbara Crampton wears bondage gear?

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