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Monday, October 7, 2013


Yes, a Commie red scare film for Halloween.

I love Film Noir, it is an art form that will never be seen again in it's pure form. This is a pure form Noir.

Almost all of the film takes place in a diner called The Shack on highway 101 by the ocean. Keenan Wynn is the owner, Lee Marvin is Slob, the violent cook who is also a communist spy. Frank Lovejoy is a scientist working at a nearby secret lab who happens to be in love with sexy waitress Kotty, played by Terry Moore.

The characters are fun to watch an sometimes very funny. Marvin steals the show but the cast is wonderful and also includes Whit Bissell who turns out to be the very unlikely hero, Donald Murphey as a government agent, Frank DeKova and Len Lesser.

There are a lot of plot twists and turns and some don't make too much sense, but there is a very foreboding atmosphere hanging over this entire film. I was very pleased to hear Olive was going to release this film and the quality is damn near perfect. if you like Film Noir I cannot recommend this film enough.

Director Edward Dein also helmed a horror film I truly love, and it has yet to show up on's title is Curse Of The Undead.

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