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Saturday, October 12, 2013


Took me 10 years to finally watch this.

A friend of mine wanted me to see this film, so I finally decided to see it and it isn't too bad for a modern film.

Hugh Jackman is Van Helsing, a monster hunter. The opening scene introducing us to Van Helsing has him in a fight with a monstrous Mr. Hyde. He finally kills the beast and then heads off back to the Vatican to get another assignment. he has to track down Count Dracula.

He arrives in Transylvania and wouldn't you know it, the village is terrorized by vampires and everyone basically exists to be killed by bloodsuckers. This brings me to the best part of the film, first the introduction of the Kate Beckinsale character Anna Valerious, who decides to help Van Helsing rid the world of the vampires, and secondly the Brides Of Dracula are nothing short of stunning. they could suck me anytime!!!!

Along the way he finds that Dracula is using the Wolfman and Frankenstein's monster for his own devious needs. The movie is sometimes too big for itself, but the striking imagery is unforgettable, especially the perpetually cold town in Transylvania. This movie was a critical disaster in the US but still made 300 million and is an ok homage to the Universal monsters of the 30's and 40's.

This movie helped accomplish one major thing however, it prompted Universal to release a large majority of their classic monster films on DVD back in 2004, of which I am eternally grateful. It also has made me want to be victimized by three luscious vampire women. See it if you haven't already, and get ready for a wild ride from director Stephen Sommers.

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