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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


A great sci-fi film.

Tobe Hooper directed this gem about a very sexy space vampire and her two male cohorts who are brought back to earth by an expedition that was investigating Halley's comet.

Steve Railsback in as astronaut with strange ties to the woman as she roams London infecting people with a strange disease. It seems that everyone she steals a lifeforce from will revive as a dessicated zombie who also needs a lifeforce from someone else. Soon all of London is overrun with zombies.

There is so much going on in this film it is amazing. Matilda May is the space vampire who goes thru most of the film naked, and that is not a bad thing. Peter Firth is Col. Colin Caine who is trying to find the woman and stop her. Frank Finlay is Hans Fallada a scientist who also wants to find the woman.

Lots of blood, monsters and scares are in this film, and I think it is the best of any film Hooper ever made. The blu-ray from Shout is gorgeous and the sound will knock your socks off!! They even have an interview with Mathilda May and a whole lot more. Highly Recommended this Halloween season. Oh, and did I mention Mathilda May is gorgeous and naked thru most of the film?

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