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Monday, October 14, 2013


I have revisit a film that is one of my personal favorites.

During the Halloween season I cannot help but go back and watch a lot of personal fave films of mine that have been reviewed here before. Yes I love this movie for several reasons.

Directed by the son of Fred Olen Ray, this thriller concerns a boatload of college students on a summer field trip whose boat breaks own and they find themselves stranded on a small island as well as being stalked in the water by a very large two headed shark!

The owner of the boat is played by Carmen Electra who always floats my boat anyway. As a matter of fact...well never mind..anyway most of the male students are jocks who just act ignorant, which is typical and the women are all lovely as hell. Brooke Hogan is Kate, one of the students and Charlie O' Connell is their teacher.

They also find the island is falling into the ocean and they soon will all be shark food. This film is done with the love and care that all low budget films should be done with. I like it because it makes no pretense as to what it is...a monster movie and it has all the right elements......beautiful locations, a bizarre monster and beautiful women.

Chris Ray does a good job directing and putting a little tension into the proceedings. Watch this movie and just have some fun. Oh yes, I mentioned I like this movie for several reasons and they are Carmen Electra in shorts, Carmen Electra in a bikini, Carmen Electra steering a boat, Carmen Electra in a tank top, Brooke Hogan in shorts and a bikini top....and well you get the idea.

Seriously, not bad if you know what it is and can take your horror with a grain of salt.

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