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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


One of my faves.

John Agar stars as a scientist who is experimenting with some dangerous chemicals and one ay he is accidentally exposed to them and is slowly changed into a monster that resembles the "Thing" from the Fantastic Four.

Paula Raymond is his long suffering girlfriend and Roy Gordon is the man who is Agar's boss. Joe Besser has a small role as a gas station attendant who is killed by Agar's touch and Butch Patrick is a small child who almost meets a similar fate. Norman Burton is the police detective on the case of the strange murders.

This is a super obscure film and was shown only twice on the Fox Movie Channel a few years ago and then disappeared again. Why this has never been on any media is beyond me. There is one scene that is unintentionally funny and that is when Agar, now fully transformed into a monster tries to communicate with a cab driver.

Pretty cool monster and not a bad way to kill 61 minutes. I enjoyed this film a lot and am still waiting for a widescreen edition.

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