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Friday, October 18, 2013


An absolute classic of filmmaking!!

It's about time Criterion released this horrifying film. John Randolph is Arthur Hamilton, a man with a good job, a good wife, a daughter in college but one thing is wrong...he is bored with it all and wants a change. On the way to work one day he is given an address by a mysterious man.

He goes to the address and finds an organization that will, for a fee, fake your death, give you a new identity, change your face, fingerprints and everything else including setting you up in your new life with what you need to get started.

After the surgery he becomes artist Tony Wilson. All seems well until one night at a drunken party he lets too much slip out, and I would tell you more, but that would spoil the movie.

This is a winner hands down. John Frankenheimer directed as only he can and the cast is top notch and includes Salome Jens as the sexy woman who Hudson starts an affair with in his new life, Murray Hamilton, Francis Reed, Jeff Corey, Will Geer, Richard Anderson and Khigh Dhiegh.

The ending is one I will never forget and I can also say that the film will stick with you long after it is over. God, I wish they could make movies like this again. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this film for ANYONE who likes movies, especially suspense/horror films. Hudson steals the film in what may be his best performance ever. See this film!!!

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