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Thursday, October 31, 2013


It took over 50 years for a sequel to "The Killer Shrews" to be made!

Steve Latshaw directed this long awaited sequel to the original film, and it ain't too bad at all. James Best returns to his original role as Thorne Sherman and this time he is taking a TV crew to the small island as they are making a reality show.

There is some mild comedy throughout the film, but that is fine. John Schnieder is Johnny Reno, a TV star with an ego and he and Best play off of each other well, as they did in the "Dukes Of Hazzard" many years ago. Jennifer Lyons and Jeneta St. Clair are crew members and my God does St. Clair look good!! Rick Hurst who was "Deputy Hogg" from "Dukes" is Best's business partner in this film as well.

Bruce Davison is Jerry Farrell who was played by Ken Curtis in the original film. It seems that he actually survived the Shrew attack and has bred new mutants and trained them to do his bidding. The Shrews are all CGI and sometimes the effects don't look very good, but I can overlook that as I simply loved this homage to B movies. It does not insult your intelligence and it makes for a fun time.

There are in jokes to "Dukes Of Hazzard", "Willard" and much more here, and the tie in to the original film is well done. Latshaw has done a wonderful job bringing this film to us and it seems like the cast was having a very good time. I highly recommend this to any "Killer Shrew" fan out there.

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