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Saturday, October 19, 2013


One of my faves from the 50's.

Forrest Tucker stars as a scientist who travels to a small mountain village when he hears of several people having their heads torn off while climbing up a mountain called the Trollenberg.

He has seen this before in the Andes and now he suspects it may be happening again. At the same time two lovely women, Sarah and Anne Pilgrim stop in the small own as well. It seems Anne has a sixth sense and has come in contact with a mysterious alien force that wants her dead.

Jennifer Jayne is Sarah and Janet Munro is Anne. Both are stunningly beautiful and stand out in this film. It is soon discovered that huge aliens are living in a cloud on the mountain while trying to adjust to our atmosphere so they can take over the Earth. They resemble giant eyes with tentacles an are some of the coolest looking monsters i have ever seen in a 50's film..

This is good fun and the disc has the original title which was The Trollenberg terror. Highly Recommended!

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