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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


22 more episodes of one of my favorite TV shows of all time.

Wonder Woman moved from ABC to CBS in 1977 and they updated her from WW2 to modern times. The first episode was a movie that introduced her to the world of 1977 as she fought an evil scientist played by Fritz Weaver. This set the tone for the second year run. All of the episodes are good and you can tell they had a very low budget. The production staff used imagination and creativity to overcome the lack of money and the second season is a very enjoyable one.

The episodes are as follows....

Return of Wonder Woman 9/16/77...Wonder Woman fights a terrorist who wants to take over the world.

Anschluss 77 9/23/77...Wonder Woman once again fights the Third Reich.

Man Who Could Move The World 9/30/77.....A scientist experiments with telekinesis and aims it at Wonder Woman.

Bermuda Triangle Crisis 10/7/77....The US proposes a missile base near Wonder Woman's home on Paradise Island.

Knockout 10/14/77....Wonder Woman matches wits with a sexy gun toting terrorist who has kidnapped Steve Trevor. This is my favorite episode of the second season as it stars Jayne Kennedy.

The Pied Piper 10/21/77.....A rock star, played by Martin Mull hypnotizes his female fans to rob his concerts for him.

The Queen And The Thief 10/28/77....Diana prince goes undercover to protect a queen's jewels.

I Do, I Do 11/11/77....Diana prince visits a spa that is leaking secret government information. Celeste Holm co-stars.

The Man Who Made Volcanoes 11/18/77....Roddy McDowell stars as a madman who can create volcanoes with his diabolical new device. Lovely Irene Tsu also stars.

Mind Stealers from Outer Space 12/2/77 12/9/77.....Aliens land on earth to steal human minds and then later sell them in outer space. This was a two part episode that reunited Diana prince with an alien named Andros whom she had met in a season one episode. Dack Rambo stars.

The Deadly Toys 12/30/77...Frank Gorshin stars as a toy maker who uses androids for evil purposes.

Light Fingered Lady 1/6/78...Diana prince goes undercover as a thief to infiltrate a gang led by master criminal Anton Caribe, played by Greg Morris.

Screaming Javeline 1/20/78....A megalomaniac named Marion Maraposa kidnaps athletes to form a world champion team. Henry Gibson is unforgettable as Maraposa.

Diana's Disappearing Act 2/3/78....Diana/Wonder Woman fights an evil magician who is trying to topple the world economy. Dick Gautier stars as Count Cagliostro.

Death In Disguise 2/10/78.......Wonder Woman steps between an industrialist and assassins.

IRAC Is Missing 2/17/78...Digital thieves try and steal the memory of a top Government computer named IRAC. Ross martin stars as Bernard Havitol.

Flight To Oblivion 3/3/78....Wonder Woman must protect a secret test flight from sabotage.

Seance Of Terror 3/10/78...A boy psychic is manipulated by his evil guardian to thwart a peace conference.

Man Who Wouldn't Tell 3/31/78....Gary Burgoff is a janitor who accidentally concocts a powerful explosive.

Girl From Ilandia 4/7/78.....A little girl from another dimension depends on Wonder Woman for protection.

Murderous Missile 4/21/78...Diana discovers a small town that isn't what it appears to be. Warren Stevens stars.

This is a Highly Recommended set for any fan of Wonder Woman.

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