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Sunday, October 13, 2013


Rare an interesting film.

Obscure little film about a doctor who injects his wife with snake venom as part of an experiment. She gives birth to a child and dies.

The story pick up about 20 years later when a detective is called into a small town after a series of strange deaths. it turns out a young woman lives in the marshes and her name is Atheris. She is beautiful and has the power to turn into a cobra quickly. The detective falls in love with her, but he soon learns the lesson in that.

Not a bad film from Sidney Furie and Orville Hampton's script is well done. This is a short 68 minutes and there are a few slow spots, but it oes hold your attention none the less. Susan Travers is Atheris, and John McCarthy is the young detective. I would recommend this film to any horror fan.

This is inclued on the set called Movies 4 You: Timeless Horror which also includes "Face Of Marble", "Four Skulls Of Jonathan Drake" and "I Bury the Living".

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