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Friday, October 18, 2013


A good mixture of several films.

This is a good mixture of "The Road Warrior", and "28 Days Later". Sexy as hell Rhona Mitra is an agent who is sent to find a mysterious doctor named Kane, played by Malcolm McDowell who has created a cure. It seems a disease has swept over Europe and London and many other cities have been isolated from the rest of the world. The year is 2025.

Rhona and her party are told to find the cure no matter what and they set out into a destroyed London and are soon captured by a band of plague survivors who have been living by eating anything they can including people. They all look like punk rockers and the leader tortures Mitra but doesn't get the info he wants. I did findd it very amusing that when the leader goes out to speak to his minions he has Good Thing by the Fine Young Cannibals playing on the speaker system.

Mitra finally escapes along with several others and they run into a band of people who live as King Arthur in the Middle Ages. Here they find Kane and the cure, but will it be enough?

This movie dips it's fingers into many different plots and it quite a juxtaposition from one band to the other, but that is part of it's charm. The movie looks fantastic on Blu-ray and if you like action/sci-fi, I think you'll like this film. Damn, and Rhona looks so hot in this film.

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