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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This is a film I hadn't seen in 34 years!! I saw it upon it's initial release and remember I loved it then, and when I heard Shout was going to release it I wondered if I would like it just as much now.
I did, and probably more. George Peppard leads a small group of survivors of an atomic war thru a vicious world of giant scopions, flesh eating cockroaches, freak storms and armies of madmen in order to reach Albany, NY, which is where a radio signal is coming from.
The small band travels in a very cool land rover which was also used in the TV show Ark 2. Dominque Sanda, Jan Michale Vincent, Jackie Earle Haley and Paul Winfield are the survivors.
Winfield meets a most gruesome end with the cockroaches, and that is a scene I will never forget.
If you get a chance I recommend this film for a fun time, even if it was a box office failure, it does entertain and is fun and well made.

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