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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Interesting giallo.

A lawyer picks up a woman and takes her back to his uncle's place only to find a gunman waiting for them. Soon another killer turns up disguised as a policeman.

The two terrorize the couple and it soon becomes apparent that they are going to kill a Judge and then the couple themselves in a bizarre revenge plot.

The lawyer is played by Gianni Garko and the woman is Giovanna Ralli, and she is very easy on the eyes. The Judge is played by Fernando Rey whom I last saw in "Face Of Terror".

Frank Wolff is the cop who is actually another one of the killers who wants the Judge dead. His performance is the best. This is a slow moving giallo and therefore most folks won't like it if you prefer a lot of action. Director Enzo Castellari does a good job building the story.

I didn't mind it too bad at all, and the ending is somewhat of a downbeat one. If you have an inkling, check it out.

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