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Friday, April 4, 2014


Not too bad of a film.

Cesar Romero is Maj. Joe Nolan who is sent, along with other military men and scientists to find a downed rocket that contains valuable information.

After much rock climbing the find a plateau which contains prehistoric life. The men fight the dinosaurs and each other for survival an they eventually stumble upon the rocket.

This is the original version with the green tinted scenes and that does add a little macabre flavor to the goings on. This is not a bad little film. I first saw this on CBN back in the mid 80's as I had never had a chance to see it before. The rest of the cast is pretty impressive for a PRC includes Sid Melton, Hugh Beaumont, Chick Chandler, John Hoyt, Whit Bissell, Aquanetta and Hillary Brooke.

A early procurer to the 50's giant monster cycle.

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