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Monday, April 28, 2014


One of my 10 favorite horror films of all time!

Peter Cushing and Edward Judd stars in this top notch thriller about bone eating silicate monsters created by accident on a small island off the coast of Ireland.

A scientist seeking a cure for cancer creates a race of almost indestructible monsters that eat human bone and multiply rapidly. Cushing and Judd are scientists who arrive on the island and discover what is happening. The monsters are pretty damn cool and the sickening sound they make as they slurp human bone is something I will never forget after hearing it for the first time. I think of it every time I finish a milkshake with a straw.

The climax of the film is both very exciting and tense as the monster converge on a small building in which most of the island's citizens have gathered for protection. There are many scenes that are forever etched in my mind including the look of the first victim who has been killed, the cutting off of Peter Cushing's hand, the constable being killed in the basement lab and much more.

This is a film that never fails to keep me on the edge of my seat no matter how many times I watch it. Carole Gray is sexy as Toni Merrill a young woman who accompanies Eddward Judd to the island. The rest of the cast includes Eddie Byrne, Sam Kydd and Niall MacGinnis.

I cannot recommend this enough. It is a must for every horror fan. Yes, I have reviewed this before, but hey I wanted to do it again because I love this film so much and it needed revisiting.

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