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Monday, June 8, 2015


One of the best wrestling DVD's to come along in sometime.

I purchased the regular DVD and not the Blu-ray for this.

Disc one is a 90 minute documentary which is very informative on the life and career of Jerry "The King" Lawler. It covers his life from childhood to his heart attack in Canada during a taping of Monday Night Raw.

Disc 2 and 3 feature matches from Lawler's early days in Memphis from the early 80's including the match he had with Andy Kaufman up to his Wrestlemania 27 match with Michael Cole. There are a total of 33 matches and interviews included in these two discs.

I wish they had included more stuff from Memphis, but this is a damn great set anyway. I have always admired Lawler for his technical skills in the ring and his very sharp wit, which is sadly lacking in today's "wrestlers".

The title of the DVD is the same as the title of Lawler's bio which came out a few years ago which was entitled "It's Good To Be The King....Sometimes. If you're a wrestling fan, this is a no brainer to own. One of the best sets in years.

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