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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Watched a couple more Universal classics the other day as a double feature.

INVISIBLE MAN RETURNS 1940 (UNIVERSAL)...Vincent Price stars as a man on death row for killing his brother. His friend, Jack Griffin (John Sutton) gives him the invisibility serum that his brother created and Price's character, Geoffrey Radcliff sets about to prove his innocence.

Alan Napier is very good as Willie Spears, a dim witted loud mouth who knows the truth about the killing of Radcliff's brother. Cedric Hardwicke is Richard Cobb, the real killer.

The special effects are good, but you can see that they were rushed. However, this is not a distraction. Price is very good in the role as the mad trying to prove his innocence as well as fighting madness brought on by the drug. Cecil Kellaway is charming and very good as Inspector Sampson.

A very good film and a fun watch.

INVISIBLE AGENT 1942 (UNIVERSAL)...Jon Hall stars in this wartime film about an American agent who goes to Nazi Germany to infiltrate the Nazi's and stop their plan to bomb the US.

Peter Lorre is great as a Japanese spy working with the Nazis, and Jon Hall makes for a good hero. Ilona Massey is a beautiful agent working for the US that Hall falls for, an it is always a joy to see her on the screen.

Hall's character is the grandson of the original Invisible man, and again uses the serum, but this time to help the war effort. This is good fun, and watching Hall make the Nazis look like idiots is always a joy.

The rest of the cast includes Cedric Hardwicke, Keye Luke, J. Edward Bromberg, and john Litel. Recommended!!

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