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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


First class film noir gem with a top notch cast.

Charles McGraw stars as a detective who is assigned to protect to wife of a slain mobster. She has to travel on train from the East Coast to Los Angeles to testify.

The mob is out to silence her, but they don't know what she looks like, and McGraw has his hands full when he meets her. McGraw's character of Walter Brown is one of anger and hatred for the world, especially after his partner is killed by a gunman at the beginning of the film.

This only intensifies when the woman, a Mrs. Frankie Neall, played expertly by Marie Windsor shows only contempt for Brown and his late partner.

The mob keeps moving closer and closer to killing Neall an it gets to be a rough job to keep her alive. The story takes place almost entirely on the train an this make for a very claustrophobic feeling. This is how film noir should be, and the rest of the cast is very familiar to noir fans. It includes Queenie Leonard, Don Beddoe and Jacquline White.

The twist ending will take you by surprise. Highly Recommended film!!!

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