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Saturday, February 27, 2016


Interesting 80's horror/sci-fi.

An often overlooked 80's horror film. Nathan Crane (Claude Akins) is a religious fanatic who is trying to hold his farm business together and raise his family. Nathan is very brutal to his adopted son Zack (Wil Wheaton) and he never shows his wife any affection.

The oldest boy is an annoying fat slob who always torments Zack and enjoys watching him getting abused. One night a huge meteor crashes on the farm and before you know it, everything is growing and becoming fruitful.

Before long certain family members start acting weird and the animals begin attacking people. Zack thinks it is something in the water so he tales water from a neighbor who isn't on their well and shares with his sister. All of the vegetables and fruits are infested with worms and other sick things.

Their mother develops facial sores and then goes completely crazy. Nathan refuses to let her go to a doctor because he believes it's God who is punishing her and the rest of them. Zack and his sister are the only normal ones left, an they make a plan to escape while their family mutates into hideous monsters.

This is a loose adaptation of the H.P. Lovecraft tales "The Colour Out Of Space". Producer Ovidio Assonitis has stated that this film was inspired by the farm "crisis" in the 80's. David Keith does a good job directing.

This film looks great on Blu-ray. I have always been a fan of this film and it has been a long time since I saw it, and now thanks to Shout Factory it is again available. Recommended!!

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