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Saturday, February 13, 2016


This is a wonderful little film noir.

Ella Raines stars as a young woman who risks her life to try and prove her boss didn't kill his selfish wife.

Alan Curtis is Scott Henderson, a business man who meets a strange woman one night in a bar. They see a show together and then part ways. When Henderson gets home he finds three detectives there and his wife has been murdered.

Scott tries to explain what happened, but he has no name for the woman and everyone the police talk to won't even admit the woman is real. Over time Scott is convicted and jailed, so his secretary Carol Richman sets out to prove him innocent. She is helped by the very detective who helped convict Scott and now believes he is innocent.

This is how film noir should be. It's dark and cynical, but does have it's light spots as well. All of the actors are excellent in their roles and the ending is pretty cool. Franchot Tone is at his best in a film like this. I recommend you see it if you can. One of the best of it's kind, but I sadly admit it has been somewhat forgotten over the years.

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