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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


An AIP favorite with the incredibly sexy Connie Stevens.

Stevens is a narcotics detective named Jackie Parker, who is hot on the trail of a drug lord who is smuggling drugs into the US via valuable art items.

The head of the entire operation in Seattle is Philip Bianco (Cesare Danova)and Parker is getting closer to having him arrested. Everything seems to be running smoothly until Carl Henrich (William Smith) decides he wants the drugs for himself and steals them from Bianco.

Parker's boss, Chief Frank O' Brien (Normann Burton) warns her to be careful, but the beautiful detective just continues to plunge headlong into a whirlwind of trouble.

Stevens brings a great sexuality to her role, and it is really a shame she didn't make more movies like this. The action never really stops and there are plenty of gun fights, car chases, fist fights and once scene where Henrich kills a young man who is making passionate love to Parker with a speargun. That scene came as a surprise.

I like this movie a hell of a lot and had it when it was first issued on DVD from Shout/ Timeless. The Blu-ray is beautiful and I cannot recommend it enough for exploitation and action fans.

If you haven't seen the film I won't spoil the end, but lets just say it's not what I would prefer, but it works really well for shock value.

The rest of the cast includes Greg Evigan (his debut and he gets to be in bed with Stevens!!!), John Davis Carson, Joyce Jameson and Nick Dimitri.

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