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Friday, August 31, 2018


A wonderful 2 1/2 hour documentary on one of the greatest film studios to ever exist.

This informative gem is narrated by Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. It was Cuching's last work before he passed away in 1994. This was originally released back in 1994 as a two part BBC show, and I first saw it on the VHS tape I had from Anchor Bay many years ago.

This version contains about 48 minutes of new interviews and scenes not included in the original release, and it makes for a heck of a show! There are hundreds of clips from many Hammer productions and people who worked for the company such as Terence Fisher, Veronica Carlson, Andrew Keir, Jimmy Sangster and Caroline Munro give some very informative details about what it was like to work there.

There aren't too many documentaries that one can watch for over two hours, but this one is a breeze. It traces the history from the time the studio was known as Exclusive Films and produced crime dramas and film noir (many of which I reviewed here over the last month) to when they changed to Hammer and hit it big with Quatermass Xperiment world wide.

I can't see why any horror fan wouldn't have this edition in their DVD libraries, it is essential. So many clips, so many people involved and I couldn't name them all here. Just get this DVD and enjoy!! Director Ted Newsom should be commended for bringing us this extended version of a wonderful show about one of the most influential movie studios in history.

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