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Saturday, October 19, 2019


One of the many slasher films to be released in the early 80's following in the wake of Halloween.

The very simple plot involves a young woman named Virginia (Melissa Sue Anderson) whose group of friends start to disappear one by one and these events are tied to strange things that happened to her when she was a young child around her birthday.

Virginia has returned to a private school after having survived a horrible car accident and regenerative brain surgery. As her 18th birthday party approaches her friends start dying gruesome deaths.

Her doctor, David Faraday (Glenn Ford) tries to help her understand and tells her it's all in her mind as she is still recovering from her surgery. This advice only gets him killed in a gruesome scene involving a fireplace poker.

The most famous murder in the film is highlighted on the poster. The Shish Kabob into the head is indeed a classic. The film has a bizarre twist ending that brings everyone to a tragic end.

I have always liked Melissa Sue Anderson and find her to be a very attractive actress and wished she had done more, but she elected to be a stay at home mother to her two children, so movie fans are out of luck. At the time it was a total surprise to see Glenn Ford in a slasher film, and it still it to be honest.

I hadn't seen this for years and found it to be entertaining much as it was back 38 years ago. Melissa Sue Anderson just celebrated her 57th Birthday on Sept. 26th. That makes her exactly three months and one day older than I am. I always wanted to marry that well we can't have everything.

Anyway, I would recommend this over a lot of other slasher films of it's kind. Check it out.

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