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Monday, October 21, 2019


Now back to horror themed reviews after yesterday's break. More fun from the unique series on Shudder.

The fourth episode of this show comes forward with some straight out scares and while they are not any way original, they are done very, very well.

The first story is called "The Companion". A young boy who is constantly beat up by his older brother accidentally stumbles upon an old farm house, it's long dead owner and a bizarre looking Scarecrow.

He removes a stake from the scarecrows chest and it comes to life and attempts to kill they boy but the young man finds out how to control it and decides to get even with his older sibling.

The scarecrow is a bizarre looking thing and something I haven't seen before in other stories of this ilk.

The second tale is called "Lydia Layne's Better Half". It's a creepy story about a highly successful business woman stuck in an elevator with the body of a woman she accidentally killed in her office.

It works very well on the creepy level and the ending is a good kicker. Great Halloween season viewing.

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