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Sunday, October 20, 2019


The final entry in the "Ginger" series starring Cheri Caffaro as the ultra sexy secret agent. It may not fit into the Halloween horror category, but I figured I'd include this film as kind of horror break.

A lot of people have a hard time admitting they like the Ginger films, but I don't. I love em, this however is the weakest and that is because they really toned down the good stuff like bondage, sadism and misogyny.

In this film the CIA hires Ginger McAllister to combat a wicked female who is after the papers dealing with a trade treaty the US is about to sign with China.

It seems that Ronnie St. Claire (Sheila Leighton) is just as sexually charged as Ginger and both end up playing games with each other to see who is the better woman. Of course Ronnie is backed by a large army of thugs and Ginger and her friend Clay Bowers (Tim Brown) find themselves sometimes in over their heads.

The climactic fight between Ginger and Ronnie ends when Ginger chains Ronnie to the bed and lets a man have his way with her. Only in an exploitation film like this will you see this kind of ending.

There is plenty of sleaze and yes, Ginger is put into a few bondage scenarios, but as I said, it's really toned down for this 3rd entry. Caffaro is a beautiful woman who knows how to use her feminine gifts and for that the male viewer should be thankful.

If you've seen the other two entries you will be let down, but this is still entertaining for what it is. I also have to say you can't be too critical of these films if you like them because today's crap never has bondage, sadism and misogyny..the three main ingredients to a perfect exploitation picture.

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