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Tuesday, October 29, 2019


A good made for TV horror movie that brought back a lot of memories.

These used to air frequently on network TV back in the good old days. David Janssen stars as Sheriff Aaron Whitaker, who tries to keep law and order in a small bayou town in Louisiana.

A woman found dead and torn to shreds in the swamp leads Whitaker into a dark web of terror. Some of the locals believe that a werewolf is running loose but Whitaker refuses to believe in such things.

His investigation leads him to a plantation owned by Andrew Rodanthe (Bradford Dillman) and his sister Louise (Barbara Rush) whom the sheriff once had strong feelings for.

The suspect list keeps getting longer and the victims continue to pile up. Soon it becomes clear that Whitaker is dealing with something way over his head.

The werewolf make-up is somewhat unique and was something I had never seen when I first saw this movie years ago. The film moves along at a good pace and never gets boring. It's only 72 minutes long which was standard for commercial TV back in the day.

If you're my age and remember things like this from your childhood I recommend this for a Halloween treat. The rest of the cast includes Geoffrey Lewis, Royal Dano, John Beradino and John Davis Chandler.

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