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Saturday, December 11, 2021


Most people either like this film or hate it...there seems to be no in between.

A woman named Rita (Stephanie Lodge) receives a phone call from her mother that her father isn't doing well. Rita decides to bring her family up for a visit and help out her mother.

When her and her husband, son and daughter plus daughters' boyfriend arrive they can't find anyone at home. Rita, husband Alan (Ryan Davies) and son Ben (Jake Watkins) hike into town leaving their daughter Charlie (Georgina Lane) and her boyfriend Tyler (Will Stanton) to work on the car that has also died under mysterious circumstances.

The town seems abandoned, but there are a few blood stains around. In the meantime Chrlie and Tyler are being stalked by a weird monster that hunts by sound only.

Soon all hell breaks loose as everyone is fighting for survival against this vicious monster that tears it's victims up, and others it puts in cocoons for later use.

The creature is pretty unique looking and is an escaped scientific project from a secret base near the town. There are some pretty some tense moments during this movie and everything comes off pretty well. It's nothing new, but it works well.

If you want a good scare, check this one out. Recommended!!

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