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Saturday, December 18, 2021


In my opinion there were not a lot of standout releases in 2021, but a few stand out, 23 as a matter of fact.

This year some of the companies represented include Sinister Cinema, Severin, Warner Archives and many others. So here we go.

23...HORRORS OF MALFORMED MEN 1969 (SINISTER CINEMA)... This bizarre Japanese horror film is beyond description, but it is highly recommended for people who want something very different. I believe Synapse turned this out a few years ago as well.

22...FLOWER AND SNAKE 1974 (SYNAPSE) BLU-RAY...Nikkatsu bondage film about a man who hires a young employee to train his wife in pleasing a man, but things get out of control. A great presentation here and the film never looked better.

21...FOREST OF THE WOLF 1969 (SINISTER CINEMA)...A great, and obscure film about a peddler who has seizures and becomes, in his mind, a werewolf. A disturbing and sad film that should be seen more. Beautiful picture and sound with subtitles.

20...SECRETS OF THE BLUE ROOM 1933 (KINO) BLU-RAY...Very sought after early horror film about mysterious deaths in a room that hasn't been occupied for 20 years. Kudos to Kino for finally getting this lost little fulm out in such a beautiful presentation.

19...AMAZONS/BARBARIAN QUEEN 1984 (SHOUT FACTORY) BLU-RAY...Great double feature featuring all kinds of beautiful women in peril and battle. Lana Clarkson stands out in Barbarian Queen. Exploitation classics that needed a Blu-ray release.

18...GHOSTS ROYALTY 1965 (SINSTER CINEMA) Ultra rare film about a young student at a college who becomes obsessed with a dilapidated mansion and it's strange history.

17...MILL OF THE STONE WOMEN 1960 (ARROW) BLU-RAY...Strange tale about a man who kills women to try and save his daughters life and then encases the bodies in wax. Stunning picture on this blu-ray.

16...STAR OF DAVID: BEAUTIFUL GIRL HUNTER 1979 (SYNAPSE) BLU-RAY...Another unforgettable Nikkatsu film about a man who kidnaps women and torture them in his private torture chamber. Weird and bizarre, but a MUST see for erotic Japanese cinema.

15...ONIBABA 1964 (CRITERION) BLU-RAY...Epic horror tale about two women fighting for survival in medieval Japan. When one finds a mask and puts it on the terror really begins. Beautiful picture and sound on this Blu-ray which has been long overdue.

14...MANIA KILLER 1979 (FULL MOON) BLU-RAY...A surprise release!! Strange film about a group of people who kidnap "loose" women and torture them to clean their souls. Robery Ginty and Chuck Conners star along with Bo Svenson.

Well, that wraps up part 1. I'll have more come next Saturday.


  1. Thanks for the lists. You always put something on here that I have overlooked and need to add to my wish list.


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