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Saturday, December 25, 2021


A MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, and now on with my top pick for 2021.

13...TICKS 1994 (VINAGER SYNDROME) BLU-RAY...Solid horror film about giant mutated bloodsucking insects. It was nice to see this get such a stunning presentation. I am proud of this film, and always will be.

12...LADY VAMPIRE 1959 (SINISTER CINEMA)...A woman retunrs home after she has been missing for 20 years. She looks just as she did when she vanished and her daughter and boyfriend investigate. This is a great Japanese horror film that is presented here in a beautiful widescreen transfer.

11...SAMPO 1959 (SINISTER CINEMA)...Excellent 2 DVD set with the original version of the film we all saw as children on TV under the title "Day The Earth Froze". A MUST SEE film and as usual, a beautiful picture.

10...BLOOD O RAMA (AFGA) BLU-RAY...This set contains three films!! They are HELP ME, I'M POSSESSED, NIGHT OF THE STRANGLER and CARNIVAL OF BLOOD. The first two films are the reason for having this set. HELP ME, I'M POSSESSED is an unbelievable film which I wrote about earlier this year as is NIGHT OF THE STRANGLER with Mickey Dolenz. The third film really sucks, but you have to take the good with the bad.

09...DR. X 1933 (WARNER ARCHIVE) BLU-RAY... Wonderful film about a cannibal killer starring Lionel Atwill and Fay Wray. The picture and sound quality are gorgeous and it's a very good thing this has finally arrived on Blu-ray.

08...THE SPIDER WOMAN STRIKES BACK 1946 (KINO) BLU-RAY...Great Universal film about a young woman who goes to work for a woman with sinister plans for her.Kudos to Kino for bringing this lost gem to Blu-ray.

07...SNOW WOMAN 1968 (SINISTER CINEMA)...Japanese horror tale about two men whose lives are changed forever when they encounter an evil witch during a snow storm. A haunting and damn good movie. The print from Sinister is in beautiful widescreen color and subtitled.

06...FLIGHT TO MARS 1951 (FILM DETECTIVE) BLU-RAY...A 50's classic about astronauts visiting Mars and the trouble it causes. I have never seen this film looking better than it does in this 4k restoration.

05...THE NIGHT STALKER TV SERIES 1974 (KINO) BLU-RAY...My second favorite TV show finally made it to a beautiful blu-ray set thanks to Kino. Simply A MUST for fans.

04...ATLANTIS THE LOST CONTINENT 1949 (SINISTER CINEMA)...This is also known as SIREN OF ATLANTIS and it has been on my want list for decades. Sinister brought this out in early spring and what a release it is. Gorgeous Maria Montez rules a lost desert city in this adventure tale.

Well, that wraps it up for this week. I'll have the top 3 for 2021 on New Years Day, and I can tell you they are all from the same company.

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