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Tuesday, December 14, 2021


Earlier this summer I reviewed a film called "The Indian Tomb" which is a follow up to this film.

A wonderful and colorful film directed by Fritz Lang. A man named Harald Berger (Paul Hubschmid) has come to a small Indian kingdom to help the people and build a modern hospital there.

He falls in love with a dancer named Seetha (Debra Paget) but the local Maharadjaj Chandra (Walther Reyer) has his sights set on Seetha and this sets up crosses and double crosses as Chandra is not used to losing the things he wants.

The colorful sets and costumes really make this film enjoyable, but the high point is ALWAYS gorgeous Paget. This woman was one of the most beautiful women in the world and her dancing in this film will make your blood pump. If it doesn't you're probably already dead.

Seetha and Harald escape from the city and try to trek across the desert, but get caught in a horrific sand storm, and this is where the film ends and the second picks up.

If you get a chance to see this film and the follow up, do so. The rest of the cast includes Luciana Paluzzi, Sabine Bethmann, Claus Holm and Rene Deltgen.

Man I tell you, actresses as beautiful as Debra Paget just are not around anymore.

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