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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


For some reason this is a forgotten little gem of 50's sci-fi that never receives much attention. Ross martin plays a scientific genius whose life is cut short by an accident. His father, played by Otto Kruger attempts to keep his genius alive by transplanting his brain into a huge robot that he has his other son create.
John Baragray is the other son and Martin's widow is played by the always gorgeous Mala Powers.
Powers new love interest is played by Robert Hutton, who suspects something is wrong but cannot get to the bottom of things.
Soon the huge robot goes on a killing spree at the UN. This is a great little film full of interesting plot elements and Kruger turns in a magnificent performance as a father obsessed.
I was first introduced to Kruger and Mala Powers with this film, and I fell in love with Mala. She was good no matter what the film.
Thanks to Olive Films we have a great looking widescreen print of this 50's classic. Very Highly Recommended!!

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