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Saturday, December 24, 2011


20. Herschall Gordon Lewis: The Godfather Of Gore (Something Weird); Excellent documentary about the man who created the "splatter" genre. This year has seen some great docs come out and this is one of them.

19. Dr. Black & Mr. Hyde (VCI) Bernie Casey stars as a scientist who changes into a white killer in this blaxploitation film based on the Jekyll & Hyde story. Good performances, but gad what a title.

18. Embodiment Of Evil (Synapse) The long awaited (40 years) continuation of the Coffin Joe films by Jose Mojica Marins as the evil man is released from prison and again begins a search for the woman who will bear his children.

17. Lethal Ladies (Shout Factory) Three excellent films from the Roger Corman Classics line from Shout. Firecracker wil the sexy Jillian Kesner, TNT Jackson with Jeanne Bell and Too Hot To Handle with gorgeous Chari Caffaro. One of the best from Shout.

16. American Grindhouse (Lormer) Another great documentary about the rise and fall of grindhouse movies. Narrated by Robert Forster, this is a good place to learn a little about exploitation films of old.

15. Dinoshark (Image) Roger Corman produced this little gem about a forzen monster that thaws out and raises havoc.

14. Horror Express (Severin) Peter Cushing, Telly Savalas and Christopher Lee star in this wonderful film about an escaped monster aboard the Trans Siberian Express.

13. Colossus Of New York (Olive) 1958 sci-fi fun about a giant robot with a man's brain causing havoc in New York. Sexy Mala Powers stars with Otto Kruger. A rare and sometimes forgotten gem.

12. Night Of The Demon ( Code Red) Maria Kenellis hosts this great film about a bigfoot monster running amok int he woods. The bloodiest movie of it's kind ever.

11. Damnation Alley (Shout Factory) George peppard stars in this end of the world thriller about several people making their way across a barren landscape to find other people after the world has undergone nuclear war. Finally this has made it to DVD!!

Next week....The Top 10 Best of The Year

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