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Saturday, December 31, 2011

TOP 40 DVD RELEASES OF 2011 (10-1)

Well here is the final and Top Ten DVD releases in my opinion...

10. Mutiny In Outer Space (Sinister Cinema) A space fungus gets loose on a space station in this highly underrated sci0fi film.

9. Quatermass Experiment (MGM MOD) The very first movie adaptation of Nigel Kneal's story about a space alien taking over an astrounaut's body. One of my all time personal faves.

8. Vampire Circus (Synapse) Excellent Hammer film about vampires invading a small town to seek revenge. This was a long time coming, but Synapse finally gave it a great DVD/Blu Ray combo release.

7. Machete Maidens Unleashed (Dark Sky) In a year with a hell of a lot of documentaries, this classic deals with filmmaking in the Philippines in the 50's 60's and 70's. Simply the best of its kind this year.

6. Very Best Of WCW (WWE) Diamond Dallas Page hosts this three disc look at some of the best from WCW in the 90's. The best pro wrestling release of the year.

5. Sharktopus (Anchor Bay) Roger Corman produced this doozy of a film about an underrwater hybrid bred for destruction that gets loose and goes on a killing spree. Damn, I love this film.

4. Women In Cages Collection (Shout Factory) Three of the greatest Roger Corman produced WIP films on a fantastic two disc set. Big Bird Cage, Women In Cages and Big Doll House. All are in excellent conditiona and look better than ever.

3. Vampires, Mummies and Monsters (Shout Factory) Another great 2 disc release of Roger Corman produced gems. In this set you'll have Lady Frankenstein, Grotesque, Time Walker & Velvet Vampire. The best monster movie collection of the year.

2. Island Of Lost Souls (Criterion) FINALLY!!!!  After many years of requests from movies fans this 1933 shocker is finally released in an excellent format by Criterion. Charles laughton stars as a mad doctor who turns animals into people. One of the best horror movies ever made.

1. Attack of The Crab Monsters/Not Of This Earth and War of The Satellites (Shout Factory) This came out in january of 2011 and held the number one slot all year. Three classic Roger Corman directed 50's sci-fi gems that should have been on DVD years ago. Shout brings us high quality prints on all of these movies, and Ifor one think it was the best all round genre release of 2011.

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