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Thursday, December 8, 2011


Debut feature of director Michael Reeves stars Ian Ogilvy and Barbara Steele as a young couple, who vacation in Yugoslavia and meet with a car accident in which Steel has her body taken over an evil and very ugly witch who was killed 300 years before.
There is a fair amount of comedy thrown into this film from Mel Wells as a voyeur motel owner named Groper and John Karlsen as a memebr of the Van Helsing family who helps Ogilvy exorcise the witch from Steele's body.
Some ecenes appear to have been shot only to bring the film to a modest 79 minute running time, but it does not really hamper the film at all. Lucretia Love appears briefly as the neice of Groper who attempts to rape her when she asks for help.
There is a moment when the witch kills Groper with a sickle and then tosses it aside. It lands on top of a hammer and maked the perfect Hammer & Sickle sign of Communism!! Very cool stuff I'd say.
Highly Recommended horror and the print from Dark Sky is gorgeous. Hey, so is Barbara Steele, and while I know Barbara doesn't read this blog, I really want to thank her for the gift she sent a while back!!

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