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Friday, December 2, 2011


I have never seen any film by Tim Kincade except Breeders which I thought was pretty good and a bit bizarre. Well now I have seen two more and I just picked my jaw up off the floor. This is a set in the Maria's B Movie Mayhem collection from Code Red, and if not for the very sexy Maria Kanellis I don't think I would have bothered much.
Riot on 42nd Street is ok, but it seems like a very disjointed affair that really never goes anywhere and culminates in a very low budget riot with about 15 people. There are some greusome shocks along the way, but it seems to me that the scenes are not put together well.
Bad Girls Dormitory is easily the worst WIP film I have ever seen. Once again everything seems very out of place and the action is jumbled.
If you must see these films, then do so, but be aware they both run about 90 minutes a piece which is way too long. Dormitory I will not even discuss, I will let you see it for yourself.

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