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Tuesday, December 26, 2017


A very strange film I had never heard of until i got it from Sinister.

This bizarre little film revolves around a treasure hunter who finds a sunken ship and a treasure off the coast of the Philippines but is unaware that it is guarded by the spirit of a Moro princess.

The hunter comes under an evil spell cast on him by the princess and proceeds to kill a lot of women with long black hair and then scalps them as well.

Vic Diaz appears, of course, as a man who is describing some of the story in flashback. The treasure hunter's beautiful wife is played by Diane McBain.

She and her husbands best friend are killed in an unforgettable and unexpected twist ending which really hit me and I found it very interesting.

I had actually never heard of this film until it became available from Sinister. Not a lot of plot, but pretty cool film none the less and one I think most horror fans would enjoy, at least once.

The print is from 16mm and looks very, very good.

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